he cultural association Ensemble Baschenis takes its name from the well-known XVIIth century painter Evaristo Baschenis, who is considered the most accomplished painter of musical instruments in figurative art. Affiliated to the association are few selected Groups and Ensembles of high quality performers. Ranging from music from the Renaissance to XVIIIth Century music for mandolin, the association organizes concerts of Early Music at the highest level of philological research, from both a musical and a technical point of view. Different formation and fields of interest characterize our Association's vast repertory: from a duo for voice and lute, to our specialized interest in the repertoire of Jewish music from the Baroque period.

The advanced skills of the performers allows them to adapt to the different requests of the audience or the client, for example in embellishing a performance with dance in original costumes and vary their programme and formation according to the expectation of the public.

The Ensemble has been active in the field of Early Music for some years, with tours in Italy, Europe, and East Asia and is experienced in any form of Early Music performance beyond simply playing it: from the theatre to teaching it in seminars. 

Lately, the association dedicated some effort to the study of paintings of musical subject. Some essay and articles are available on line, along with a page where you can download early music mp3 files.


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