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he concert program of the ENSEMBLE BASCHENIS aims to offer an extensive and varied anthology of the different vocal and instrumental genres that flourished in Italy between the end of the XV century and the middle of the XVII century. This is indeed a period of paramount importance in the history of music, with on the one hand the emergence of a multitude of profane vocal genres such as the frottola, the villanesca, the madrigale and the canzona, while on the other hand instrumental music won a permanent place for itself with the development of a stylistically and formally original repertoire.

Besides transcriptions and elaborations of vocal compositions and dance music (saltarello, pavana, gagliarda) for keyboard instruments or the lute, other genuinely instrumental genres made their appearance, for instance the ricercare, the toccata and the canzona da sonare. Moreover, the invention of printed music, which occurred at the beginning of the XVI century, led to a much wider diffusion and exploitation of the "musica colta" or art music, also at places other than those traditionally devoted to its performance (court chapels and scholae cantorum).



SONATE PER OGNI SORTA D'INSTROMENTI: The group of four-five performers will play: wind instruments (such as recorders, shawms and crumhorns), strung instruments(such as lute and theorbo), and different kind of percussions. The program is based on the Instrumental forms en vogue at the time, e.g. the toccata, the canzona, the fantasia and various intabulation of vocal polyphonic music.

PER CANTARE ET SONARE: A vocal group (quartetto/ottetto) is added to the instrumental group. The repertoire proposed focuses on vocal and instrumental music of XVI and XVII century, particularly on the Italian madrigal, the  elisabethian repertoire and to the French airs de court.


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